Jason Adams, LPC


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About Jason

Jason Adams is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in working with children. His approach emphasizes the importance of recognizing the way our thoughts determine our feelings and actions. Jason focuses on creating a safe environment and establishing trust to help facilitate a healthy therapeutic relationship and to promote positive interactions with his clients.

Jason encourages his clients to recognize that their perception of the world around them determines how they interact with people and whether they react or respond to situations that might trigger them.

Jason most often begins with a careful assessment of factors contributing to the child’s behavioral and emotional difficulties. He often begins with input from the child, caregivers, and school officials, which is followed by the introduction of interventions designed to improve the child’s ability to use coping skills which help adjust incorrect thoughts or beliefs.

Jason’s therapeutic approach with children is 1) active, 2) structured, 3) problem-oriented, 4) collaborative, and 5) strategic. His approach is based upon sound cognitive-behavioral modalities supported by the scientific method.

Jason received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wheaton College, and he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at Texas A&M University. He is also fluent in American Sign Language.