Linda Anaya, MA, AMFT


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About Linda

Linda Anaya AMFT, is a Couples and Family Therapist. Linda’s approach emphasizes the importance of working with a couple and family as a system that influence one another. To facilitate healthy relationships, she uses therapies that promote positive interactions between individuals. Her methods include trans-generational, structural family therapy, cognitive-behavioral approaches, and emotionally focused therapy.

Linda uses exercises like enactments to help clients set appropriate boundaries, improve interactions and establish clear communication between family members. “It is important for a family to have clear boundaries healthy engagement and a strong parental system.”

She specializes in helping couples identify negative cycles, change interactional patterns, create healthy engagement, and facilitate new solutions to old problems. She also helps couples by showing them more productive listening skills, helping them understand their attachment styles, and assisting them with effective forgiveness approaches.

In addition to being a Couples and family therapist Linda is a Certified Pre-marital therapist Her experience includes: • Helping engaged couples resolve conflict, • Providing parenting coaching • Facilitating parenting skills training classes, and • Providing therapy for children, teenagers, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, bereavement, anger issues, and personality disorders. Linda builds strong relationships with her clients in order to help them achieve their goals.

-Linda received her Master’s Degree in Couples and Family from Adler University. Her undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Dominican University. Linda can also conduct sessions in Spanish-