Building Self-Esteem in Children

Whenever I work with any child, a major therapeutic goal I have for any child is working on developing and growing self-esteem. There are many therapeutic […]

The Mental Load of Motherhood: How To Support The Mother

Every parent wears many “hats” and performs many roles as a part of the parent identity. Specifically, in regards to motherhood, anecdotal and empirical findings reveal […]

The Invisible Backpack: Suicide Awareness + PTSD Awareness Month

There is so much to discuss when it comes to suicide prevention, suicide intervention, and PTSD awareness; we are going to attempt to shine a light […]

Getting Through Anniversaries of Traumatic Events: “Anniversary Reaction”

Recently, I was asked to give suggestions on how someone can get through the heaviness and intensity of a traumatic anniversary. No matter the type of […]

Child Sexual Assault Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment: PTSD Awareness Month

  One of the scariest and most devastating thoughts in the world is imagining a child experiencing and suffering the horrors of sexual abuse. This should […]