How to Co-Parent During Coronavirus

Co-parenting is a difficult task that often takes time, trial and error, and patience to get right. Co-parenting can be complicated through a number of different […]

Teenage Burnout: An Epidemic

Burnout. It’s a feeling that adults try their hardest to avoid. We learn about self-care and taking breaks, going on vacation and taking a mental health […]

Introducing: Brittany Turriff, LPC!

Hello! My name is Brittany Turriff and I am the newest addition to the Naperville Counseling Center team! I wanted to take this opportunity to not […]

Awareness Is the Key to Breaking the Stigma

May is mental health awareness month in America, and as this month comes to an end it got me thinking, “The awareness shouldn’t END, we should […]

BOO! It’s Okay to Be Scared!

  The human brain is a marvelous organ that provides life with so many fun experiences, such as happiness, laughter, excitement, motivation, enthusiasm…the list can go […]

The Psychological Effects of Mom Shaming

A trend that is unfortunately common with individuals and mothers in this generation is “Mom Shaming,” which generally speaking is criticizing a mother for making choices […]