Understanding Self-Harming Behaviors

These days, it is not uncommon for pre-teens and teenagers to seek therapy due to cutting or hurting themselves in some way. I have often heard […]

Anxiety: Fight or Flight & What Ifs

Instead of talking about the history of anxiety, different diagnosis, or how to cope with it, I am going to focus on what can trigger it […]

Vulnerability: The Key to Unlocking True Happiness

Vulnerability is widely mistaken for weakness. There is a misconception that having emotions and showing feelings makes you a weak and fragile person. However, vulnerability is […]

To Diagnose or Not to Diagnose?

Therapists and psychologists have their own beliefs about the concept of diagnosing. I would like to talk about mine. Diagnosing is something that has become particularly […]

Burnout: A State of Mind

I hear many times in my profession of something called, “Burnout.” Many describe it as a time when individuals are just tired, mentally and physically, from […]

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

What really lies behind the posts, re-tweets, and “likes” Social media was created on the notion that a person could connect with another person worlds away […]