The Intensity of Depression

Depression is not a choice. Many times, those without depression cannot possibly comprehend what it is like to experience this illness. Depression and sadness are two […]

Attention Deficit & Anxiety: What Do They Have in Common?

This week I’ll be discussing the common themes between Anxiety and Attention Deficit problems. Many times, parents have concerns that their children may have ADD or […]

The Benefits of Play Therapy

Over the past three years while practicing Play Therapy with children and adolescents, many people, including parents, have asked me, how is Play Therapy beneficial? Can […]

Jolly Holidays?

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” So they say. The coming holiday months may be jolly for some, but for many people holiday time […]

Introducing Laura A. Lauko, Psy D!

I’ve always seen myself as someone who liked to listen and watch more than to talk and do. I prefer to immerse myself in an experience […]