Surviving Vs. Thriving during Quarantine

There is a vast difference between surviving and thriving. Survival considers basic human needs (food, water, shelter, etc.), while thriving suggests a person is living well above or beyond meeting those basic human needs.

Throughout this pandemic, most of our daily or “normal” lives have been turned upside down, in some capacity. Changes with work and school schedules, canceled trips and plans, and socially distancing from friends and family are some changes we can all relate to. Change is hard but this is not a forever way of life. We are simply in survival mode to protect ourselves and others, and, ultimately, slow/stop the spread of Covid-19.

There is nothing “normal” about the quarantine life. But it’s not permanent, either. Many of us are dealing with undesirable, unexpected circumstances. For example, of course it’s not ideal to implement extra screen time into our children’s schedules. Of course it’s not ideal for seniors in high school to miss out on milestones such as prom or graduation. However, there is nothing ideal about being quarantined for at least two and a half months. Undoubtedly, this is our current reality and all are adjusting as best as we can.

Give yourself permission to live with more grace. Grace for yourself, for not meeting your “normal” expectations. Grace for your family and friends, who may also be struggling to adjust. Grace for teachers, who are learning how to instruct courses online. Grace for your children, who are likely confused, frustrated or acting out more than usual. Grace for your spouse, who is likely stressed or worried about changes in work schedules or what will come in the future.

This too shall pass. We will eventually return to a new form of normal, where we will have more opportunities to thrive again. This current circumstance is a great learning and growth opportunity to practice the beauty of grace.

Tips on how to practice grace and manage stress:

  • Take a deep breath and meditate/sit in silence
  • Start a “grace” journal (once a day, write down something you’re grateful for)
  • Take a walk with or without music/a podcast
  • Listen more intentionally
  • Create a reminder (sticky note/poster) reminding you to give grace and “this too shall pass”
  • Find or create opportunities to laugh and embrace the unique experiences we have during this time