The Difficulties of ADHD in Pediatrics

Building upon Dr. Kathryne Hatch’s post on 04/27/15, I’d like to expand on the idea that Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is not an easy, simply confirmed diagnosis […]

Introducing Sarah Wertelka, B.S. to NCC!

We have a new clinician, Sarah Wertelka, B.S.,  joining the Naperville Counseling Center team for the 2015-2016 academic school year! Feel free to read her introduction […]

The Controversial Participation Trophy: A Sport Psychology Perspective

Social Media was in a frenzy recently over participation trophies. This topic has been a bit controversial, but exploded after Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, James Harrison, took […]

The Psychology of Comparison: A Leading Cause of Unhappiness

Many people find themselves seeking out the help of a therapist due to “unhappiness”. Whether it is their job, their relationships, self-esteem, or everything all bundled […]

What to Expect in Therapy

Often times, the concept of therapy is a mystery to people. Many draw conclusions about what to expect from television shows, movies, books, other’s opinions, perceptions […]

Talk Therapy vs Drug Therapy: Who Wins In the End?

The American culture is thriving off of the use of medications. When an individual experiences a negative feeling they want a quick fix, and a quick […]