The Mind-Body Connection: Why taking care of yourself mentally will also strengthen your body

The most common scenario for the mind-body connection is stress. Where do you typically feel stress? Most likely you are answering in the neck, shoulders, the […]

Diagnosing ADHD

Many of us can relate to questioning whether or not someone we know has ADHD. Maybe it’s your significant other who seems to jump from one […]

Walk-In Mental Health Clinics: A Concept

Recently I read a blog by Arthur Gallant entitled, “ Why Don’t We Have Walk-In Mental Health Clinics for People with Mental Illness?” and it really […]

Grieving a Loss: Finding Comfort in Emotions

“In order to heal, you have to first be broken.” ― Renee Dyer, Eyes Wide Open When we lose someone, expected or unexpected, it can turn […]

When Does Social Drinking Become a Problem?

    St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated this weekend around Chicagoland and other cities in such a way that is done every year: Everyone wears green, […]

Mind Games: The Rise of Anxiety and Depression in Youth Sport

Sport Identity When children first join their sport, they are encouraged to have fun and to just do the best they can. They are learning new […]