The Intensity of Depression

Depression is not a choice. Many times, those without depression cannot possibly comprehend what it is like to experience this illness. Depression and sadness are two […]

Coping with Acts of Terror

It seems like the news channels have a new act of terror to report on weekly, but terrorism is unfortunately nothing new. Unforgettable past events like […]

Creating A Peaceful Morning

‘Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most’ -Buddha Every morning is a fresh start to the day ahead of […]

The Importance of Balanced Sleep

If someone asks an individual if they have had problems with their sleep we generally assume that they are having trouble falling asleep, however, two problems […]

Common Misconceptions about Mental Health

Misconception #1: People with mental illness should be feared because they are prone to violence Actually people suffering from mental illness are more likely to be […]

Attention Deficit & Anxiety: What Do They Have in Common?

This week I’ll be discussing the common themes between Anxiety and Attention Deficit problems. Many times, parents have concerns that their children may have ADD or […]