What is Group Counseling?

Group counseling is a form of therapy that is placed in a setting where you will work with others struggling with similar experiences or issues. A professional therapist or psychologist leads the group session while the rest of the group contributes to the conversation and treatment.

Group counseling is beneficial because it helps individuals realize that they are not alone with their struggles. It also provides an atmosphere where several individuals can offer advice, help, or share their own experiences, which could benefit several people at once in the group setting.

What to expect with group counseling:

Groups can vary depending on the topic and the professional leading the group. Some group therapies are structured and are based around doing specific activities or discussing specific topics and meet for a pre-determined amount of time. For example, a group may be scheduled to meet once a week for eight weeks and the therapist will have discussions/activities planned for each week.

Some groups may be less structured and more freeform. This type of group may not have an end date and continues throughout the year. You will be able to come to the group once contacting the therapist and leave the group once you feel your needs have been met. Discussions can vary week-by-week depending on the needs of the group.

Some professionals will want to meet with you individually before you attend your first group session. This is to discuss your reasoning for wanting to attend counseling, gather insurance/payment information, and give you the details about what to expect in the group setting. This is also a good discussion to have to help you determine if this is the appropriate setting for you and to have all of your questions and concerns addressed.