What is Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling?

Individual psychotherapy consists of a client working one-on-one with their therapist/psychologist in a confidential, safe, and comfortable environment. The duration of therapy varies among each individual, some may attend individual therapy for several sessions while others prefer long-term therapy over months or years. The purpose of individual therapy is to help an individual explore their beliefs, values, feelings, behaviors, memories, etc., with an idea of reaching a goal and gaining an understanding of oneself. That goal can be something specific such as, “I want to learn how to cope with my anxiety,” or something broader, “I just need a place to discuss my problems openly.”

What to expect with Individual Psychotherapy

Once you decide which professional you feel would be a good fit you will contact their office to schedule your first appointment. This professional may ask you some questions over the phone to make sure that their office will meet your needs. They may ask if you will be using health insurance or paying out of pocket, what would be a convenient day and/or time for you to come in for a consultation, questions about demographics (age, reasoning for coming in, etc.). These questions help the professional determine if their office is conducive to help you meet your needs.

After contacting a licensed psychologist or therapist you will set up a consultation at their office to meet and discuss what to expect with your therapy experience. You and your therapist/psychologist will discuss your reasoning for seeking therapy and come up with a collaborative treatment plan to help meet your goals and needs. This plan can be written and specific or can be discussed verbally. This is an open discussion to ask any questions or curiosities you may have about what to expect with this experience.

You will leave your consultation knowing what to expect while working with this professional, such as how often you will be coming in, what goal you will be working to meet, your therapist’s contact information, etc.