Meet Jocelyn Aguila, NCC's Newest Pre-Licensed Professional!

Hi!! I’m Jocelyn Aguila, BA, Pre-Licensed Professional.

I characterize myself as warm, understanding, and non-judgmental.

More specifically I am someone who motivates positive change in people’s lives and family dynamics. I endeavor in helping my clients gain a better understanding of who they are and reinforce their abilities to be more resilient. I understand that looking for help can be hard but if you have decided to begin therapy you have taken a critical step towards better mental health.

I help adults, children, and adolescents who are looking to learn and practice healthy coping skills to manage symptoms, behavior, or situations that they struggle with. Here are some psychological techniques I use to guide clients toward their goals:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT focuses on thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and how it impacts an individual's life. Utilizing CBT can help an individual reframe negative or toxic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to help clients gain an understanding of themselves as well as others, and how to cope with various situations that they can deem as stressful or uncomfortable. 

I utilize various CBT techniques during therapy as well as teach clients CBT tools they can continue practicing at home to enhance their therapy experience and move closer to reaching their goals. CBT includes exercises such as journaling, relaxation skills, problem-solving, and challenging thoughts. If a client is struggling with anxiety, one relaxation technique I utilize is called 4-7-8 deep breathing, which I also like to combine with aromatherapy. Here is an example of what that looks like:



Child-Centered Play Therapy

I integrate CCPT due to its focus on utilizing play, which is the natural language of children and its focus on the therapeutic relationship to create a safe environment in which the children are exposed; CCPT helps create an environment where the children feel accepted and understood by their therapist.  This therapy model and the techniques involved can help children process their inner feelings through play. The therapy office includes toys, games, and books which encourage the expression of feelings allowing CCPT to be utilized as well as provides comfort for children. The toys and games have been pre-cautiously selected, and the children take the lead in session and conversation while they play. Here is an example of what CCPT looks like while it is being utilized




These are just two types of therapy models that I utilize in the office, if you have any questions regarding these therapy types, or are curious about other therapy models used, or would like to start therapy, please reach out to me directly at or by calling (630) 590-9522 ex 108. If you would like to find more information you can visit my bio page.

I look forward to talking with you soon!