The Power of Forgiveness

Have you ever been in the position where someone has disappointed you, mislead you, not followed through on a promise, or cheated? Or maybe you have been the one who let others or yourself down. Whether it’s being passed up for a promotion at work, having a romantic relationship unexpectedly end, or being let down by a family member; these are just some of the many common disappointments we face in everyday life. Sometimes these moments, big or small, can leave a lasting impression. We can get hurt emotionally and over time that impacts not just our views but our mental health as well. We can develop fears or mistrust that hinder our growth and make up miss out on what could be the best of opportunities.

Think back to a time where you were once let down, how did you feel? Was it hurt, disappointment, sadness, anger, etc.? Did you feel that you put so much of your time and energy in and after it failed you’d never move past it? Expected or unexpected, these moments can have an influence our experiences moving forward. In these times, it is ok to experience sadness and anger; give your feelings that validation. However, what’s important is what we do next and how to move forward. A good start would be to process the experience and not fear it. Gradually, remind yourself of your life values, goals, and then ask yourself, “do I really want to remain upset of this or do I want to find happiness?” And don’t go about it alone; find support from friends, family, or a professional; its ok to ask for help, no one expects you to know all the answers.

Forgiveness frees your mind from unnecessary stress and pressure. Ever heard of the saying ‘Don’t let anyone rent space in your mind for free,’ so why stress over someone or thing that isn’t stressing over you? The time we have is a gift; make the most of it by living in the present and creating a beautiful future.

Free your mind, body, and soul and let yourself forgive. Every time you forgive someone or yourself, you move one step closer to finding inner peace and freedom; Freedom for your soul, freedom to find happiness, and freedom to find your passion. Let yourself enjoy life!

And as much of a struggle as it can be, sometime we have to be strong enough accept an apology that we may never get. Forgiveness is something we can have control over; it is not for the other person, but more for us to let ourselves move forward.